June 01, 2005



Read your article in today's WaPost, very nice. I agree with you, Memphis Bleek does not have the talent to carry the ROC torch. Every album he puts out I say "this is going to be the one for him." It never does. Such a waste.

I love Memphis Bleek and recognize it's hard to shine under Jay-Z's shadow. But I would have to disgree with you saying that Bleek "was never suppose to become a top-flight act," in reality he was. Jay has always said Bleek was his protege. But being Jay's protege can be pretty damn tough.

Look forward to reading more of your postings/reviews.

Pop Cesspool

Good point -- I probably could've been a little more specific. I was thinking more about how Jay-Z managed to cross over and become bigger than the Roc formula, but Bleek lacked that kind of overall charisma. He can handle a party rhyme, but I'm not sure he ever had the stuff to be a superstar.


Bleek never was going to be smash, despite Jay-Z's pleading. I do like some of his cuts though...

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