April 08, 2005



Is it really safe to hold an event at RFK anymore? I have to imagine the place is infested with rats and the like after years of non-use. I see a Vet-like incident happening where a group of servicemen/women are all cheering, pressing up against a railing to get closer to the camera, and then viloently plummeting 30 feet onto the turf covered concrete.

Mr. Shiny

Look on the bright side: Now that Novak is sitting closer to the action, there's a greater chance of him getting the barrel of a broken bat launched through his Adam's apple, a la Steve Yeager.

Tony D

Man, don't the team! That article was infuriating. I am anything but power elite, and my seats are in 205. How did I pull off this coup? I applied early. I really hope I'm sitting next to some of those dumbasses...


you can't hold the game responsible just becuase it has become the evil toy of the coprporate white machine. true, ball players get way too much to play a boys game, but the game....the game! that's the beautiful thing. baseball is a metaphor, a chess match, a wonderful game. that aspect,at least, is totally untainted by big money and lawyers posing as owners and sport fans. don't let the money get in the way of watching the game. and if you are like me, and got the crappy seats for you plan, just spit, puke, or lunge full beers over the side of the concourse to the rich suburbanite ceos below. it will make watching a sub .500 club all the better, especially in the dreary DC summer haze.
thanks again, Joey!

Pop Cesspool

Yeah, I suppose the fact that the Nationals will be subpar makes everything a tad bit more tolerable. Suckers.

Full disclosure: I will be rooting hard for the Nationals to beat every National League East team except the Phils. So maybe I'm a hipocrite. Just a little one.

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